June 2nd

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Today was a half day – the studio was wrapping up Pacific source and some on location shoots. There was just set break down to do today. I put away all the lights and setups in the second studio – Barbra, one of the new interns, arrived with Derrin from an on location shoot – they had the whole van packed with equipment. I helped unload and put everything away.

Today was also my last day – hopefully I will be a part of a new internship this summer – I really enjoyed my stay.


May 26th

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Shoots today were Sahalie, Pacific Source, and continuation of Coast products.


  • main photographer was Steve
  • assistant Stephen
  • stylist Jen
  • shot coats and women’s t-shirts
  • in 1st studio
Pacific Source
  • main photographer Michael
  • assistant Jay
  • stylist Carol
  • shot all of their soups for the new label: tomato, onion, black bean, red bean, new soups of the season, etc.
  • also had Chris, set creator on set
  • main photographer Steve
  • assistant Stephen
  • set was built out of old rock and slate – very cool – Steve built it yesterday. It looks very authentic to what environment you would need the Coast tools for
  • no stylist
Today I spent most of the day organizing gels. The diffusion drawer was a mess – I organized the diffusion from light, medium, to dark. It wasn’t the most stimulating work but it really needed to get done.

May 19th

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Today’s shoots were Sahalie, Moonstruck, and getting ready for Pacific Source.

Steve and Stephen were finishing up Sahalie’s shoe wear and pants – next week will be dresses. The same lighting was used the second day – Steve added another head with a grid to the set to help with the shadows – he under-slung it be parallel with the table. I’ve noticed that the main device used in all Sahalie shoots are the skrims – they use them every time they shoot Sahalie products – they are always set up. They position them to the left of the clothes and above – I would have never imagined using something like that before coming to the internship.

They had Sahalie’s rep in the studio as well – she looked over all the shots with Steve and Jen. She also modeled the clothing – didn’t know that.

Moonstruck was upstairs in the daylight room – Jay was setting everything up – pretty simple shoot, just getting second shots for a previous moonstruck shoot. Micheal had been working on it the day before – Jay was just prepping and doing test shots. Since the Safari shoot was for the summer – they were beginning on fall and Halloween.

May 17th – internship

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Came in Tuesday again – like last week. Today was Sahalie clothing shoot, Coast products, and a chocolate shoot with Derrin in the second studio space.

Steve and Stephen were on the Sahalie shoot in the main studio. Shooting shirts, scarves, and sweaters today. I got to retouch the chosen shots – using PS’s heal brush, clone stamp, patch tool, and some masking. Pretty easy – was nice to be involved in the process. Watched Jen, the stylist, make perfect folds in the shirts – quite amazing that you can conceptualize something like folds – especially since you’re seeing it from a side angle.

Derrin and Stephen started shooting coast yesterday – the set was still hot and Derrin was working on it a little today too. Coast is a huge survival tool company – they have amazingly bright flashlights, sharp knives, rope, and lots of leatherman type tools. It was interesting – in the final product shoot – the flashlight is on and I asked how they shot with the glare of the flashlight – they end up photoshopping it in afterwards – I didn’t even realize they did.

May 10th internship

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Today I came in on Tuesday – I scheduled a portfolio shoot for Thursday so I switched days.

It was really busy in the studio – Moonstruck chocolate was there for a new “Summer Safari” promotion. Moonstruck’s set designer, Chris, came in and set up a African desert in when of the sets so the chocolate animals would have a matching environment – all the chocolates were African animals. It was actually really cute and looked amazing. It was crazy to watch the stylists make trees and bushes with tweezers and not breathing. Steve was the main photographer on the shoot and Jay was his assistant.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/45386176@N08/5735303206/lightbox/ (photo of set up)

The shoot lasted pretty much all day, got in at 8:30, shoot got done at 5. Then Steven was retouching and needed to setup for a shoot Wednesday morning. I set up his shoot for him. I learned what a “can” refers to and what “hampshire” diffusion looks like. Also, that boom stands are ridiculously heavy, especially with an unknown weight attached.

May 5th internship

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Today was EXTREMELY slow. I picked up around the studio and re-organized the backgrounds/backdrops for sets in the garage. The beginning of the week was busy – they shot for Moonstruck chocolates again, so Thursday was the end of the climax of it all. I did happen to speak to one of the team members there, Steven, about Lightroom and his process behind editing.

  • blown out images at 23/24
  • black is not readable past 14
  • Exposure reads: at .33=1/3rd of a stop, .66=2/3rd of stop, .1=1 stop
  • color separator does a great job of retouching for press – puts color modes into CMYK from RGB and matches well
He told me that
  • almost all photos are sent out for full retouches – they send photos out to a local retoucher.
  • auto merge is pretty much always used for maximum depth of field
  • dust and scratches are more easily fixed with changing the threshold in PS
  • history brush in PS is very helpful, allows you to create your own templates for editing
  • I should look into another internship after Polara with Straubb

April 28th – 5th day

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Today at Polara there were two separate shoots happening –

One: they were shooting a video for a child’s pottery mechanism. I forget exactly what the product was called – but the setup was pretty crazy. They had 2 huge mono-lights set up and they created this little tent with foam core and blankets. Total they had about 6 or 7 lights for the video, and just used solid white as their background. They shot with a Canon 5 Mark D – and the whole process took about 2 hours. Michael, Jeremy, and Jay were on this shoot.

Two: Steve had a food shot going on – some sort of tapioca pudding company. They had previously been shooting that to when I came in on Thursday.

Started @ 8:30 – 6

Total hrs: 9 1/2 hrs.