Site Structure Analysis:

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Site Orientation: center
Logo/header: size medium sized – its about twice the size of a navigation “button” placement upper-left corner, perfectly lined up with edge of site

Navigation: location to the right of the logo – top of page – alignment right – in a line type rollover to gray – active is same as regular image regular, rollover, active

Fixed width

Overall content width 950px

There is some sort of grid/pre-thoughtout  pattern inside how the site is laid out. When images are present they are aligned evenly with close to the same amount of space between them.

Content columns there seems to be 3 columns per page, except the “about us” page, no defined amount of rows though

Sidebars the only sidebar I found was on the “about me” page and it isn’t a really “true” sidebar – the text is just put on the right side of the page in “column-ish” form

Footer reads “© 2010 I Love Dust. All rights reserved. Site designed by ilovedust built by buffalo” they also have small navigation on the bottom left corner

No background img just light gray color

HTML site

Fonts main fonts include: Georgia,”Times New Roman”,Times,serif – anything written is actual text – the only text that is substituted for images is the logo, the navigation buttons and the “blog” button in the upper-right hand corner.

Multipage site

Home page vs. secondary page they aren’t the same but follow the same-ish template for graphics being the main focus – all pages have loads of graphics


Site Analysis (I realize this is late, but I wanted to complete it to move onto the second assign.)

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ABOUT…Design bombs is a site designed/created for other designers – graphic, web – to come find inspiration for new projects. Its a place where designers can advertise their own designs – basically a hot spot to showcase your work. (HTML site – wordpress)


  • the header image and the fact that it partners with the footer – the design is catchy too
  • navigation is simple and clean (rollover gray to green)
  • search bar right at the top
  • strong logo
  • lots of pictures/graphics, not too wordy
  • each page is pretty self explanatory – blog, all of the archives – submit, how to submit your work – resources, links to all – contact, tells you how to get in touch


  • the homepage doesn’t directly tell you what the sites about – you have to click contact
  • contact page seems a little vague for someone who doesn’t design/know about archiving  – most likely necessary because of their target audience

Other than these, I really enjoyed viewing this site.

Previous CSS and HTML experience?

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In Chris’s class we covered:


  • creating our layered psd of what the site could/would look like
  • how to trim off the transparent pixels to get exact sizes
  • saving for the web – not great in depth though

inside the HTML

  • how to use our psd file as a template for the site
  • tables
  • ordered/unordered lists
  • positioning – although I’m still a little curious how absolute positioning works
  • fonts
  • alignment of text
  • using div’s and classes
  • how to use firebug in firefox
  • commenting inside of coding
  • inserting style sheets and javascript in header

inside the CSS

  • creating divs and classes
  • font, font-size, font-style
  • borders
  • alignment
  • width/height
  • margin’s/padding (we actually went over the model of a box – it helped a lot)
  • background images/color
  • repeats/no repeats
  • we covered pretty much anything that we wanted to find out/use on our sites – Chris individually helped students with different needs for CSS


  • we went over Fancybox gallery
  • how to round corners of boxes
  • putting in specific text – having text show up in every browser whether or not viewer has same text

I feel confident with both CSS and HTML, granted I still have A LOT to learn – I grasp how to fuse the two together to create design on the web.  But mainly for me, I want to understand the hosting process a great deal more. I know what FTP is (file transfer protocol) but I’m not familiar with very many and I want to learn another hosting company other than godaddy.

I’m very interested in continuing web design outside of school/graduation. I wouldn’t mind doing it for a living – right now I’m focusing on it just to learn the skills. I’ve been asked by friends and family to create a website for them, and I want to be able to have the skills to be confident enough to say yes to everyone. I have a graphic design background so design is really important to continue for me.

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