Maybe She’s Born With It…

October 1, 2009 § 1 Comment

 “Maybe she’s born with it…maybe its Maybelline.”


This message was/is found in a/any fashion/”girl” magazine. Why would it be here? Because advertisers are smart and women/girls aren’t. Not really, they just gravitate towards looking so beautiful, that they’ll take this line: “Maybe she’s born with it…maybe its Maybelline,” and be so persuaded by it/the image, that they’ll go buy Maybelline vibrating mascara right then, to bring out their “natural beauty”.

So, the message:

  • Maybelline will bring out your natural beauty

Why is it in the magazine:

  • You’re advertising directly to your target audience

Who is your target audience:

  • women and young girls (anyone indulging in the magazine)

The method of persuasion:

  • Association: because they (Maybelline) are taking a product, makeup, and using it to attract their audience to natural beauty, which they find ideal. Maybelline doesn’t right out say, “yes you’ll be naturally beautiful,” but they incinuate this through their message.
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